Tesla Creative


The artwork created is priced on a case by case basis focusing on details and artwork so unfortunatly a set price is hard to conceve and stick by. However its understandable that many people need an idea of price for many reasons, so after much thought i have created a guideline for prices. The price guidline below serves as only a guideline please remember many art pieces will vary and can be more or less than what my estimated range below. For exact price provide project details, location, substrate, size and as much information as possible upon contacting us.

$35-$150 Tattoos Lettering
$75-$250 Tattoos Simple Graphics
$150-up Tattoos Complex Graphics & Portraits

$15-$150 Airbrush Apparel
$150-$600 Airbrush Small items(skateboards, helmets, etc)
$1000-$5000 Airbrush Vehicles

$100-$350 Airbrush Body Art & Skin Art

$20-$50 Henna Temporary Skin Art
$15-$50 Airbrush Temporary Tattoos
$50-$150 Bedazzle & Vajazzle Skin Jewerly Art

$500-$3000 Murals

$150-$500 Graphic Design logos
$45-$250 Graphic Design print media
$400-$1200 Web Design Small site
$1000-up Web Design Large Site

$1500-$2800 Vehicle & Auto Wraps



Graphic Design  •  Airbrush  •  Printing  •  Henna  •  Rendering  •  Tattoos  •  Animation  •  Murals  •  Painting